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“The ART INN was created to provide a lodging experience where the guests feel immersed in the history and culture of the location they visit. Our team is always available to accompany the guests in a very close and professional way!”

Ricardo MoraisSales and Operation ManagerThe ART INN Lisbon


    • How long have you been working with Availpro?
      We’ve been working with Availpro since July 2015.
    • Why did you decide to choose them?
      We decided to go with Availpro because of the personal and close contact since the beginning. Since day one we felt that we were being accompanied and listened to, and that the system could adapt to our needs.
    • What was the biggest impact on your business after selecting Availpro as your partner?
      We started controlling with more accuracy our availability and prices, maximizing the revenue and having more time for other important tasks! The layout of the different reports, where information is easily accessible, helps our production analysis.
    • What are the main benefits of Availpro?
      I would say the assistance of all the team. Whenever we need their assistance, they are always ready to help us right at that moment, never letting us feel that they are too busy (even if they are). The Portuguese team has been doing a wonderful job, and their support has been very important for The ART INN’s success.
    • Are there any tools or enhancements you would like to see made?
      The only aspect we struggle is when receiving modifications, we can’t see the detail that was modified right there on the Availpro form sent. It would be nice to receive the field modified highlighted.
    • If you were to recommend Availpro to another hotel, what would you say about them?
      Availpro is a reliable and very intuitive software, connecting to all the major OTAs. And their support team is always available.

Ricardo Morais Ricardo Morais – Sales and Operation Manager,The ART INN Lisbon

Ricardo joined The Art Inn in 2013 as Pre-Opening Manager and is now Sales and Operations Manager. He is responsible of managing both off and online distribution channels of the hotel. He is also an invited Lecturer at the Escola Superior de Hoteleria e Turismo do Estoril.


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