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“I am very happy to have been part of the beta test of CoPilot NextRate, it has made my life much easier; as my mind is at rest that the suggestions have been applied based on the rules I have specified. Now all I have to do is just skim through to see if there are any tweaks I want to make! It has given me more time to spend with my guests rather than in the office! I thoroughly recommend the use of this feature!

NextRate is a powerful tool, but you need to keep an eye on it as it refreshes twice a day. You can’t really leave it own – which is why I like CoPilot. It’s made life easier – I don’t need to look at it twice a day. And before I’d receive the NextRate suggestions everyday – but now CoPilot does the accepting and rejecting for you, based on what’s in your parameters.

NextRate does all the work; CoPilot sees if it fits in with your requirements. It’s putting NextRate into cruise control. The changes are then applied to my baseline rate, and then 10 euros, for example, on top for each room category going up.

I’m still looking at prices for the next 7-14 days, but for above 14 days, I leave it alone. What’s good is that I don’t have to look at NextRate first thing in the morning – I can look later on in the day.

Another advantage is the simplicity when setting it up. You don’t have to explain it to one of the techies, you do it yourself. Even if you’re not computer savvy, you can build simple sentences.

Now I can go away on holiday, and know that I wouldn’t have lost any opportunities. And also in the hotel’s busy periods, I’m comfortable leaving it.”

Kyle BorgOperations DirectorLuna Holiday Complex


Kyle-Borg Kyle Borg – Operations Director, Luna Holiday Complex – Malta

Kyle Borg, MHRA council member, MBB VP, graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelors of Commerce. He furthered his studies at the Les Roches International school of Hotel Management and obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He worked in a number of hotels and resorts in Europe and the Far East and currently serves as Operations Director at Luna Holiday Complex.

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