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“Availpro is a wonderful centralisation tool that gives us access to useful data in a single place. It’s a reliable, playful and intuitive channel manager because of its simple design.”

Jérôme CivetFront office managerLa Cour des Augustins


    • How long have you been working with Availpro, and why did you choose them?
      We’ve been working with Availpro for seven or eight years now. First of all, there’s a personal factor: it was a decision made by our former executive assistant, Guillaume Bourdon, which resulted in a close collaboration. Mr Bourdon contributed to the development of the product, so much so that he ended up working at Availpro for two years. He then returned to La Cour Des Augustins (he now works in the hotel sector in Chamonix),
    • What issues were you experiencing before choosing Availpro?
      The problem before 2008 was that we had to manually update our availability on to all of the channels. We were managing just three or four channels and this was taking up a lot of time. Today, we’re able to manage 20 to 25 distribution channels each day with just a few clicks. This automation via Availpro has enabled us to widen our panel of partners and therefore to establish a balance between our different distributors. It’s important for us not to depend exclusively on certain partners, and rebalance the competition between the different websites, to minimise the pressure put on commissions.
    • What has been the biggest impact on your hotel since selecting Availpro as your partner.
      Availpro is a wonderful centralisation tool that gives us access to useful data in a single place. For example, GuestReviews allows us to bring together on one platform all comments published on the internet, whether that’s or Expedia. To monitor trends on that level is important to us, because any opinions, be they negative, enable us to make adjustments quickly. Availpro also offers a tool to respond to comments, which makes it even handier to manage everything in one place.
    • What is it that makes Availpro unique?
      I’d say it is the personal touch, thanks to a dedicated and reactive service
    • If you were recommending Availpro to another hotel, what would you say?
      Availpro is a reliable channel manager, and this is the most important thing. It can change your daily life by simplifying your work. Such technology today is indispensable.
      What’s more, it is playful, intuitive because it is visually simple – this is important when you stare at a computer screen all day! While this could easily become complicated, given the volume of data processed, it is still pleasant to navigate.
      Finally, it integrates very well with our PMS, Fidelio. We would now find it tedious to maintain in the event of a change, especially in terms of connectivity.


Jérôme Civet Jérôme Civet – Front office manager, La Cour des Augustins

Jérôme travaille à la Cour des Augustins depuis 2008. En tant que Chef de Réception de ce boutique hôtel genevois, il gère la distribution internet de l’hôtel ainsi que les relations avec les clients.

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