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“We like the user-friendly and easy to manage Availpro interface and the availability of the Portuguese team. Since we started working with Availpro, we have been able to connect our partners with the Channel Manager.”

Liliana CondeGeneral ManagerInternacional Design Hotel


    • How long have you been working at the hotel?
      We have been working with Availpro since April 2012.
    • Why did you decide to choose them?
      Because it is more user friendly than the one we had before .
    • What was the issues you were experiencing before choosing Availpro?
      Our previous system had permanent errors, was unreliable, not user-friendly. The pooking process, rate loading and inventory management processes were also less automated.
    • What are the main benefits of Availpro?
      Easy connection, fast update and most of our business partners have connection with the Availpro Channel Manager. Almost of our tour operators and partners are connected to Availpro. Also the local Portuguese team is supportive, and the system is very easy to handle.
    • Is there anything that makes Availpro seem unique?
      The easy connection, and the fact of being user-friendly.
    • Are there any tools or enhancements you would like to see made?
      Free access to statistics and free of charge commercial and performance reports.
    • If you were to recommend Availpro to another hotel, what would you say about them?
      I would recommend it for the previous reasons mentioned before.


Liliana-Conde Liliana Conde – General Manager, Internacional Design Hotel

With 20 years of experience in hospitality, Liliana brings various skills in hotel management, marketing and sales.
She joined Internacional Design in July 2016 as general manager and is always looking to learn more and participate more in seminars and conferences.


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