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“Thanks to Smart Channel Manager, we sell to more foreign tourists. This allows us at least to grow our international reach and not lose market share to our competitors who have gained equal visibility: in a single click, the entire rate list is updated.”

Nicolas DaviaudFront Office ManagerHôtel Saint Christophe


  • How long have you been working with Availpro? Why did you decide to choose them?
    I have been using Availpro since 2015, and – attention – spoiler alert! it’s it clearly simplified my life in terms of distribution!

    Accompanied during our search for technology solutions by a consultant, we considered all the proposed options, and at the same time we did our own research. Initially, a local competitor based near Aix-en-Provence attracted us, but the ergonomics of Availpro’s extranet, which is simple and intuitive, convinced us.

  • What issues were you having before you decided to choose Availpro?
    Before Availpro, we managed our indirect distribution only through Expedia, manually, using their extranet. This was already time consuming, and it seemed complicated to do the same with other channels.
  • What has been the biggest impact on your hotel since selecting Availpro as your partner?
    Thanks to centralised planning, the time saved is enormous. We hesitate less when putting new distributors in place because it’s all centralised, quasi-automatic and synchronised. Today, we are using at least 9 main channels, and thanks to Booking.com, among others, we sell to more foreign tourists. This allows us at least to grow our international reach and not lose market share to our competitors who have gained equal visibility.

    Availpro equally plays a role in yield management. Beforehand, we changed our prices on April 1. With this tool, it’s now easy to modify the standard rate and all of the others
    are automatically updated, thanks to the fare rules. In a single click, the entire rate list is updated.

  • What makes Availpro unique?
    They are now established in France. When we talk about Availpro to other suppliers, as for example during the time we changed our PMS, it was reassuring to see that all the major players in the hotel industry knew Availpro.
    Availpro is very good in terms of control: it allows you to automate, to put rules in place, while leaving control and a lot of flexibility.
  • If you had to recommend Availpro to another property, what would you say?
    You absolutely must have a channel manager. This does not represent a huge cost compared with what you gain. With Availpro, we automatically benefit from software updates and there are often new features. We feel that they innovate and stay in the game. It’s with them that it happens! In all honesty, I wouldn’t be unhappy if this were my PMS …


Nicolas Daviaud – Front Office Manager, Hôtel Saint Christophe

A graduate of IUP hotel management in Chambéry, Nicolas has built up his international profile over more than eight years of experience working in in different English-speaking countries (Australia, Ireland, Scotland and London). Starting in the restaurant sector, Nicolas now manages many aspects of hotel life such as hospitality, marketing, communication and distribution.

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