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“I think we can say that Availpro is number one. It is easy to work, when loading different rates, and planning is easier. The extranet also surprised us as it is so easy to use, and there are so many possibilities. It’s also easier to control and we can connect to more OTA partners. We are also able to grow direct bookings.”

Claire-Lise BaumannExecutive DirectorHôtel Beaucour


  • When did you begin working with Availpro? Why did you choose them?
    Well, if we unravel the thread of this beautiful story, my father opened the hotel in 1992. For my part, I studied at a hotel management school, and then in hosting at the Salon Nautique de Paris for five years. I became director of our family establishment in 2005.We started working with Availpro four years ago, in September 2013. I was getting tired of changing the availability bit by bit [with our previous system]. There was talk among colleagues how the loading was a lot easier with Availpro. For the same price, the ease of use made the difference.
  • What problems were you experiencing before you chose Availpro?
    Beforehand, we were spending hours on the computer uploading rates. Today, the automatic connection between Vega and Availpro makes life easier.
    What’s more, Availpro makes a difference from a personal point of view. Over the past two or three years, there’s been a big improvement. I always have some I can call when I need; even at 6.30pm, it’s “action-reaction”.I must also especially mention my account manager, Nesrine, who is great. She was a big help, in particular for non-refundable rates and early booking rates. She changed my life and contributed to our turnover. In the 12 months to June, we recorded an increase of 6%.

  • What has been the biggest impact on your hotel since selecting Availpro as your partner?
    Today, 52% of my reservations come from the internet, via Availpro; the rest are made by email or phone, or correspond to repeat corporate clients. Of those 52% reservations online, 38% arrive direct to our website and the Availpro booking engine, while 53% originate from Booking.com. I also use the built-in Facebook booking engine, which proves to be a good draw.All in all, I have a very high rate of direct bookings, on which my rates are 20% cheaper. Availpro corresponds to my way of working, I never lose a reservation.
  • What makes Availpro unique?
    Availpro gives me a lot of satisfaction, which is not a given!
  • If you had to recommend Availpro to another hotel, what would you say?
    I’d say it’s a very complete tool, all the more because I think I’m only using about 20% of its potential.


Claire-Lise Baumann Claire-Lise Baumann – Executive Director, Hôtel Beaucour

Claire-Lise is executive director at Hotel Beaucour. This hotel has 49 rooms in the heart of Strasbourg, and was established by her father, Guy Pierre Baumann, in 1992. Very involved with local life, Claire-Lise makes guests feel at home. Her motto is “Our house is your house”.

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