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“Availpro is easy to use, fluid, set-up up is intuitive, and customer services are available.”

JuliaHotel ManagerHôtel Au Coin Du Feu


  • How long have you been working with Availpro? Why did you choose Availpro?
    That happened in spring 2016, driven by our chief receptionist. The aim was to increase the number of distribution channels while lightening the workload related to the opening and closing of sales channels in each extranet.
  • What was the issue you were experiencing before choosing Availpro?
    The manual management of channels was taking up a lot of time.
  • What was the biggest impact on your business after selecting Availpro as your partner?
    Above all it saves time. And probably gains a few more sales. We are optimising availability in the high season: For example, we are opening indirect channels for one-night reservations, especially over the weekend. We are regrouping availability periods, everything is centralised on the same single interface.
  • Is there anything that makes Availpro seem unique?
    Availpro allows us to find a good balance with OTAs.
  • If you were to recommend Availpro to another hotel, what would you say about them?
    Availpro is easy to use, fluid, set-up up is intuitive, and customer services are available.


silhouette-femme Julia – Hotel Manager, Hôtel Au Coin Du Feu

With some experience from Groupe Accorhotels, Julia joined the team at the independent Au Coin Du Feu hotel to manage planning, management and customer relations. Originally from the west of France, she adopted the Haute-Savoie mindset after a seasonal job in summer 2015.

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