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  • How long have you been using Availpro?
    Since April 2017.
  • Why did you choose Availpro?
    It was initially recommended to us by our previous Channel Manager provider, as they would not be making a successor product. We had actually spent a long time looking for a new product and wanted to take a look at Availpro in our own time first. Ms. Waasmann from Availpro then travelled from Berlin to Munich especially for us. The most important thing for us, however, was that we would be able to do everything in German. Including German support of course.
  • Which Availpro products do you use?
    At the moment, only the Channel Manager.
  • What problems did you have before you chose Availpro?
    With the old Channel Manager, flawless and accurate real-time rate loading between us and our partners was unfortunately no longer possible. By the end of 2016, we were hardly able to connect to any portals at all. The availability was also inaccurate. In the end, when booking was no longer connected and technical support didn’t work properly either, we had to end the cooperation with our previous provider.
  • What has been the most significant impact on your hotel since opting for Availpro as your partner?
    For us, the most important aspect is that all major sales channels are connected to a Channel Manager again.
  • What are the main advantages of Availpro for you?
    The availability is accurate, the support is fast, sales are growing sustainably and our hotel is now more visible thanks to the multitude of connection possibilities.
  • Is there something that makes Availpro unique?
    One-of-a-kind customer service. That’s what really convinced us.
  • If you were to recommend Availpro to another hotel, what would you say about us?
    Easy operation during the changeover, great training, top-class product and good communication.


Carola Bumann – PR/Marketing Manager at Eden Hotel Wolff


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