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“Before Availpro, we did not have enough time, or enough control, to manage our distribution with efficiency. With Availpro Channel Manager and its very user-friendly interface, we can connect any channel and we save a lot of time.
Another key point is the efficiency of the local Portuguese team with whom we have developed a very good relationship since the beginning. We emphasize the simplicity of the system and we keep growing thanks this partnership with Availpro.”

Miguel Castello BrancoRevenue and e-commerce ManagerDiscovery Hotel Management


    • How long have you been working with Availpro? Why did you decide to choose them?
      The partnership with Availpro started in January 2016. Before that, there was no revenue management department, just sales. The e-commerce task was outsourced. We identified a lack of control and responsiveness: we needed to get quick answers from emails and campaigns. So I started to look around. As I had previously only worked for Sheraton which uses an internal channel manager, I didn’t have any benchmark. Our head of sales knew Carla Costa very well (ed. who is the Director of Availpro for Ibéria), and so she scheduled a meeting with Availpro, as well as two others.When I met Availpro, the main point was support. Both offices were close to each other at that time (since then Availpro moved to the suburban of Lisbon). Availpro invited me to its office to train me and to hear about my thoughts and doubts. Beyond close support, the interface was also very user-friendly; this is how I got convinced. We developed a very good relationship from the beginning. I even began watching football with Daniel, service manager at Availpro, and said at the time: In 16 months of collaboration, I never had a problem with Availpro. I am connected with Availpro’s team on Skype so the communication is very smooth. In case of a technical issue, the resolution is quick and easy.I am learning with them and they’re learning with me, so it’s a win-win situation.
    • Which products do you use from the software suite?
      The project has been driven step by step. On the first year, we used the channel manager only, then in the second year (which is 2017), we added the PMS connectivity (one way) and RateScreener. Next year, we plan to strengthen the PMS connectivity to 2 ways.
    • What was the issue you were experiencing before choosing Availpro?
      Before Availpro, we did not have enough time, or have enough control, to manage our distribution with efficiency. Our previous channel manager offered 20 channels, but we barely used 10 and each time we wanted to update a channel, we needed to write emails and so on. It was a mess in terms of management. Now we can connect any channel and we have the possibility to act in the best timeframe. We saved a lot of time.
    • What was the biggest impact on your business after selecting Availpro as your partner?
      It’s difficult to measure because in parallel of this implementation, we also grew and developed other processes; so no one can say to which extend Availpro helped us, but we are growing and constantly hitting our targets. This is all in part thanks to them.
    • Is there anything that makes Availpro seem unique?
      It is reliable and there is continuous support provided by a local team. There’s also a wide choice in terms of partners to be connected, and all our partners are on Availpro’s list. Meanwhile, the PMS connection works very well (Host in our case).
    • Are there any tools or enhancements you would like to see made?
      RateScreener needs to be developed a bit further compared to the benchmark and adding more price variation, as well as more connections with reviews on the website (millennials really need to see them). At this stage, reviews they collect the most come from are, TripAdvisor and  Expedia.
    • What would you say to anyone considering partnering with Availpro?
      “The integration between Availpro and our hotels has allowed a homogeneous distribution with an extensive network of channels and partners which are important for the business, saving time and resources. Working with Availpro make us more confident to continue growing as a group without ever losing control of our rates. We emphasize the simplicity of the system and the speed of the support team. We consider Availpro our partner number one.”

Miguel Castello Branco Miguel Castello Branco – Revenue and e-commerce Manager, Discovery Hotel Management

Miguel started his career in Hospitality Revenue Management at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. He then joined Discovery Hotel Management as Revenue and e-commerce manager in January 2016. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Nova School of Business and Economics and post-graduated at Les Roches Global Hospitality Education in Marbella. Miguel enjoys non-formal attire and his preferred readings are Monocle and Condé Nast Traveller.

About the group
Created in September 2012 to manage a set of tourism assets, the Discovery Hotel Management covers both the real estate and tourism areas. The concept is based on authenticity, informality and respect for the unique features of their property locations. Each hotel has its own identity, offering experiences in harmony with the region natural surroundings.
It owns 15 properties as of today and has plans to expand to reach 20-21 properties in the next 2 years. Their properties belong to 3 different categories:
1.Trendy boutique-hotels (branded as DHM hotels)
2.Villas & Apartments
3.Hotels & resorts

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