trivago and Availpro– Daniel Holl’s vision

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“Availpro’s hotel technology empowers the hotels they work with to compete in trivago’s marketplace, access trivago’s more advanced hotel marketing solutions, and successfully convert trivago’s users into confirmed guests.”

Daniel HollHead of Global Hotel Salestrivago


trivago’s Head of Global Hotel Sales Daniel Holl explains the cooperation between Availpro and trivago, a solution to give the best service for customers.


1. As a hotel search platform, you strive to find the ideal hotel for your users. How do you achieve that?

Travelers starting their search on trivago can chose from over 1.8 million hotels, including alternative accommodations, and can compare prices from independent hotels and from more than 400 booking sites and hotel chains. So, what we’re doing is making the market transparent for travelers, connecting them to an extensive inventory of diverse accommodations and providing them with the greatest possible choice. We also give the user advanced filters to individualize and narrow their search, to make it easy for them to quickly find their ideal hotel.

Of course, price is a deciding factor for many travelers, so as a metasearch, we want to display as many available prices as possible and give the traveler the option to book either direct or through an OTA. This keeps our marketplace diverse and empowers the users to make their own decision about who to give their booking to. It also represents a huge opportunity for hoteliers to market their own prices on trivago. Which is why we’re happy to be working with Availpro, a provider who recognizes this great potential for individual hotels to drive direct bookings via trivago.


2. You say you want to empower individual hotels to be competitive; what are the benefits of the cooperation between Availpro and trivago?

It’s a cooperation that’s helping many hotels increase their direct bookings. Availpro’s hotel technology empowers the hotels they work with to compete in trivago’s marketplace, access trivago’s more advanced hotel marketing solutions, and successfully convert trivago’s users into confirmed guests. By advertising on trivago, these hotels are able to reach millions of travelers and tap into 55 markets around the world, increasing their online visibility, market reach, and direct business. I’d say these are significant benefits to come from our cooperation with Availpro.

3. How do you measure the technological services to offer the best performance to clients on trivago?

There are several factors we take into consideration when evaluating the technological services that ensure the best performance for our hotel advertisers. We look at the level of technical support given, for example, and how closely the service provider monitors its connectivity performance and how quick they are to respond when we send them a rate request.
A big challenge for trivago is always offering consistent and up-to-date rates to our users; we want to create a positive experience for the user who expects to find the latest rates for their ideal hotel on our site. Ensuring that all its hotel clients’ rates are accurate and constantly updated is something that Availpro is especially good at.
Additionally, Availpro enables multiple languages and currencies, thereby allowing its hotel clients to make use of all 55 localized trivago platforms.

4. trivago has worked with Availpro for many years; what characterizes the relationship and what have been some common milestones?

It’s a relationship underpinned by a common understanding of the challenges today’s hotels are facing and a shared dedication to helping them overcome these challenges. trivago and Availpro are both dynamic companies with a focus on hospitality and an ability to quickly adapt to changes in the industry and in user behavior, with the aim to always provide the best solutions to hotel advertisers.

Transparency and trust are crucial to our cooperation, so we’ll organize trainings in which we update each other and exchange ideas on how to improve the products and services we offer hoteliers. Thinking of common milestones, Availpro was the first French connectivity provider we started working with, and one of the first to make it possible for hoteliers to use our Rate Connect technology to advertise in all 55 markets where trivago operates.