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10th May 2012

In January this year, Availpro launched its new Direct Click Manager service, enabling hotel owners to take advantage of the new commercial opportunity offered by TripAdvisor. Independent hotel owners are now able to level the playing field with distributor sites when users search for availability from their hotel’s TripAdvisor page. The Kelkoo and Trivago price comparison sites have now been integrated into the Availpro Direct Click Manager offer on the same basis.

Availpro: the official supplier of more direct bookings for hotel owners

TripAdvisor is the world’s number one travel site with more than 52 million unique visitors each month, making it a key platform for hotel owners. However, until now, hotels have only been able to advertise themselves on the website using the Business Listing option. With the new Direct Click Manager service, the hotel’s official website appears in the list of distribution channels when a user searches for availability on TripAdvisor and on price comparison sites. With Availpro, the hotel’s website is guaranteed to be listed among the top three search results. This feature is now also available on the Kelkoo and Trivago price comparison sites.

One of the key benefits of this offer is a guaranteed flow of qualified visitors, with users already searching for availability on the hotel’s page. This service uses a cost per click (CPC) model. Matthieu Croisiez, director of the Hôtel de Sèvres in Paris, was one of the first people to use this service: “As soon as I heard that Availpro had released its Direct Click offer for TripAdvisor, I signed up immediately! I can now place my own booking engine alongside the OTAs already present on TripAdvisor and similar websites. This delivers an instant, measurable benefit. This channel used to cost me around 15% (since customers had to book via another website). It now costs me three times less than this. I’m delighted that Trivago has been included in the Direct Click offer.

Availpro cements its role as a generator of additional business for hotel owners

With this offer, Availpro continues to deliver on its core promise – to provide independent hotel owners with the tools they need to improve and increase their sales in a highly competitive market. Availpro was founded in 2001 to provide independent hotel owners with a booking engine that they could use to compete with hotel chains. With Direct Click Manager, independent hotel owners are now able to level the playing field with distributor sites on TripAdvisor and price comparison websites.

“Availpro has a strong customer base of hundreds of active hotels, meaning it can negotiate favourable positioning on TripAdvisor and price comparison sites on behalf of its users. Until now, this level of exposure has only been available to distributor sites. Users will be able to monitor their results in real time using their Availpro extranet dashboard. We expect the Direct Click offer to continue expanding, to include other price comparison sites,” explains Philippe Lamarche, Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of Availpro. Despite this new opportunity, hotel owners should remember that the quality of their offer, and the way in which it is presented, remain critical. While this service undoubtedly offers hotels greater visibility, users will only choose to book through their websites rather than through distributor sites if the hotel’s official website is genuinely attractive.

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