Touch, A New Booking Sensation – Preview at WTM 2017

The Availpro team is excited to unveil a preview of the new mobile booking engine at WTM at London ExCeL on November 6-8.

Live demos will take place directly on our stand TT310. Feel free to drop by to see it live.

Main Highlights

• The new mobile booking engine is “mobile first” for an optimal user experience. It’s a single-page application.
• The new mobile booking engine is designed for mobile , all types of portrait screens, meaning it is optimised to the specific mobile device of the user.
• It exploits the full potential of high-definition (HD) rendering of the latest mobile devices, meaning your beautiful photography now looks sharper than ever before.
•The purchasing process and navigation have also been simplified and optimised, meaning fewer buttons to press or swipes to make.
• It has been built for guests to trust the hotel’s brand and to increase direct bookings.

You can already get a taste here : DEMO VERSION


The beta phase, already including more than 400 hotels, is now ongoing with great success. The conversion rate has been observed to increase by 2.75%. This will be deployed across all Availpro’s clients by the end of the year.

The future of mobile booking looks bright.