Touch, A New Booking Sensation

“It’s an ongoing battle. As a hotel, you deploy as many online marketing tactics as possible to draw visitors to your website. At Availpro, we think the future is looking bright for all our hotel customers as they migrate to our new system – our new mobile booking engine will help you reduce abandonment, and increase conversion rate”

Jonathan NarourR&D Mobile Project ManagerAvailpro

The Availpro team is excited to launch Touch, the new mobile booking engine.

Main Highlights

  • The new mobile booking engine is “mobile first” for an optimal user experience. It’s a single-page application.
  • The new mobile booking engine is designed for mobile , all types of portrait screens, meaning it is optimised to the specific mobile device of the user.
  • It exploits the full potential of high-definition (HD) rendering of the latest mobile devices, meaning your beautiful photography now looks sharper than ever before.
  • The purchasing process and navigation have also been simplified and optimised, meaning fewer buttons to press or swipes to make.
  • It has been built for guests to trust the hotel’s brand and to increase direct bookings.
  • A winning combination of technology and experience with a great conversion rate: 2,75%.

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