Save time

Automate your entire distribution chain

Save time by managing multiple distributor extranets each time you receive a booking or have to make a price change. Make your life easier by updating everything through a single management interface. Availpro will do all the work for you, automatically and in real time. You can therefore rest assured that your availability will be up-to-date on all distribution channels, 24/7. 

Our time-saving solutions:

Main features:

  • A single planning for all channels
  • Load data by period or by day
  • No need to re-input bookings in your PMS
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Credit/debit card control for online payment
  • Satisfaction survey issued automatically
  • Sales statistics and history
  • Customer satisfaction statistics
  • Multiple rate plans
  • Automatic sharing of revenue

Availpro is extremely easy to use and we have already seen an increase in the number of online bookings. An added bonus is that it has dramatically reduced the amount of time spent managing online availability.

Howard CanningCentre ManagerThe Manor House

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