Make direct sales

Sell your rooms without paying commission

A number of new direct selling opportunities have emerged in recent years, following the explosion of phenomena such as social networking and mobile internet devices. Availpro follows these trends closely and has developed a range of direct booking tools for your existing and future customers.

Our direct selling solutions:

We constantly work hard to bring you new direct selling opportunities

Main features:

  • Website, mobile and Facebook booking engine
  • Engine translated into 20 languages
  • Engine can be customised to match your visual style
  • Optional online payment
  • Corporate access to the engine
  • Travel agent access to the engine
  • Exportable customer email database
  • Official website rate plan
  • Special Facebook fan rate
  • Promotional code

Availpro is a powerful tool; it allows to make updates quickly across all our channels (GDS, OTA’s, WEB…) while maintaining rate parity, and eliminate the risk of overbookings. It’s also enabled us to expand our distribution channels per geographical zone around the world.

Finally, the commercial model offered by Availpro simply makes absolute sense, offers real value and also continuously invests in improving their product.

Thierry QuijoDirector of Pricing and DistributionZ Hotels

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