Boost your margin

Sell your rooms at the best price

With so many different variables to consider when deciding on the best selling price each day (season, market prices, events, etc.), it’s difficult to make the right choice without access to detailed information. With Availpro technology, you can get access to key data automatically and view a detailed summary of this information all in one place: your Availpro management interface.

Our margin-boosting solutions:

Main features:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Sales statistics and history
  • Unlimited number of extras
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Rate parity monitoring
  • Cancellation insurance sales
  • Multi-platform booking engine

First of all we have made a an estimated annual saving of £3000+ compared to our old booking engine. Our own website sales have increased by a massive 130%!!

Alex ThomsonSales & MarketingThe Arundell Arms Hotel

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