Simplifying payment

  • Julien Touraine-Availpro

Hotel Digital Lab – London: How to increase profit in a digital and data-driven world

After a coffee break, Availpro’s Julien Touraine gave a short presentation on PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance explained how to turn payment problems into opportunities using Availpro’s PSP Connect tool. Unlike when companies selling flights or train tickets, hotels often sell without requiring payment at the time of purchase, which causes such challenges as high cancellations, fraudulent booking and cash flow.

Say a client makes a booking via an OTA, how does the hotel verify that client’s credit card? With PSP Connect payment solution tool, that card is immediately pushed to a payment provider – if the booking is non-refundable, the card is automatically charged right away; if it is not non-refundable, the payment provider checks whether there is money in the account so you can accept the booking – then the information goes into your hotel’s PMS. If the credit card is declined, Availpro goes back to the OTA to ask for a new card automatically with no human intervention required whatsoever.

‘The booking flow is very smooth… and with no fake bookings,’ said Touraine.

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