Security Declaration

Data security is a key priority. Our platform uses a range of advanced solutions to make sure that your data remain secure. However, users are also required to follow certain security procedures.

Security measures: technical details

The extranet uses advanced online security technologies and procedures:

• Secure login to your extranet

Your login details are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and the server is authenticated.

• Unique login details for each user

The extranet allows you to create a different user name and password for each user. The user will need to use these details to log in. Each login is recorded in a log, which you can view in the “Connection history” section of the extranet (in “Account settings”).

• Ultra-secure hosting

The platform is also hosted in a high-security hosting centre and is protected by firewalls to prevent hacking attempts.

If you encounter a security issue, please contact the Customer Services department by clicking the relevant link. Please provide as much information as possible.

User recommendations

In the interest of data security, users are required to follow certain security procedures when using the extranet:

Use a strong password (including letters, numbers and special characters). Create a separate account for each user. This is particularly important for monitoring the connection history.
Disable the account of any user who leaves your company.
Change your password on a regular basis and ask other users of the account to do the same.
Use a different password for each password-protected site that you visit (e.g. your online bank, your extranet, your mailbox, etc.).
Never store your password in a file that other people can access or display it in a location close to your computer.
Wherever possible, avoid logging into the extranet on a public computer. The security of such computers (e.g. in public places) cannot be verified.