Monitor and analyse your hotel’s online reputation (and your competitors’ reputations)

Sentinel provides a comprehensive dashboard, enabling hotel owners to monitor their hotel’s online reputation. With a series of custom report creation tools at their disposal, hotel owners can analyse their online reputation in fine detail.


Monitor and analyse your hotel’s online reputation and respond accordingly


  • Track your online reputation
  • Analyse guests’ perceptions of your hotel
  • Improve response times
  • Check how your hotel stands against your competitors

More than 80% of Internet users read opinions about the hotel on review websites or distributor websites before booking. With Sentinel, hotels owners know exactly what others are saying about their hotel, and can react quickly with a suitable response for end customers.

Sentinel gives you access to your guests’ opinions through configurable alerts, based on:

  • Key characteristics of the hotel or keywords (room, cleanliness, location, bathroom, breakfast, etc.)
  • Individual distributors and social media
  • Specific periods
  • Language and nationality.
You can also conduct a semantic analysis and identify trends in guests’ perceptions of your services.

Sentinel lets you analyse your competitors, giving you a clear vision of their reputation that you can compare with your own. Define your list of competitors (or “comp set”) and analyse:

  • Their scores with distributors
  • Their key concepts, opinions and guest types, using the language filter
  • How their reputation ranks in comparison with your own hotel.
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