RateScreener / ParityChecker

Sell at the right rate to increase your revenue!

With Availpro RateScreener, you can see how your rate stands against your competitors and your existing sales. You can then adjust your pricing to maximise your occupancy rate and total revenue.


Optimise your hotel’s rates

  • Compare your competitors’ rates
  • Compare information about your competitors’ rates on various portals
  • Make informed decisions
  • Available on the planning page of your extranet
  • Can be used instantly with no configuration required

You can now see all of your competitor’s rates in Availpro in an instant, giving you the key information you need to set the best possible rate and maximise your revenue. As well as choosing the hotels you wish to monitor (names and number), you can also choose the period you wish to observe, the channels you want to monitor and the number of weekly observations you wish to make.

With Availpro RateScreener, you can see where your hotel stands in relation to the competition on a daily basis, as well as ensuring rate parity across all channels, for both your own hotel and your competitors.

RateScreener find out your right price

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