Property Management System

Sell all of your availability online

In order to maximise your revenue and bookings, make sure that your real total availability is displayed on all of your sales channels. You will find this information in the hotel management software that your hotel uses. Connecting Availpro’s Smart Channel Manager to your Property Management System (PMS) will make your day-to-day hotel sales and admin tasks easier and increase your revenue.

Property Management System (PMS)

Convert all your availability into bookings

Convert all your availability into bookings with Availpro
  • Enter your availabilities in your hotel management software
  • Availpro distributes your availabilities to all your online channels in real time
  • Each time an online booking is made, availability information is updated in your PMS and sent to your Property Management System’s planning in real time
  • The customer record is automatically created in the system

Availpro has worked with Property Management System (PMS) publishers to develop connectivity solutions, enabling you to update your availabilities across all distribution channels in one place. More than 60 PMSs are already connected to Availpro Smart Channel Manager.

You manage all of your availabilities from your Property Management System (PMS). By distributing your availabilities through Availpro, you can avoid the risk of overbookings and guarantee rate parity.

Real-time room availability updates and automatic booking integration save us a huge amount of time. It also ensures that we know exactly how many rooms of each type are available at any time.

Geoff DawsonSales & Marketing ManagerThe Fitzwilton Hotel

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