Optimize your prices

Optimize your prices on a daily basis, maximize your revenue and increase your occupancy with our Rate Optimization solution, NextRate. Like all Availpro solutions, it offers a powerful and intuitive user experience.


Position your offering at the best price:

  • Optimize your prices on a daily basis
  • Maximize your revenue
  • Increase your occupancy

NextRate analyze your competitor’s prices, your environment and your hotel’s activity in order for you to adjust your offers and prices on the market.
You select your reference rate and the room type as referral for the price calculation. NextRate will automatically gives you price recommendations for the next 90 days ahead delivered on a daily basis.

In 1 click, you access to key information on your environment, your pick-up, the competitor’s price fluctuations and online-reputation.

NextRate enables a rapid start up and instantly assists decision-making. Simply apply, reject or adjust manually the recommended price and keep controlling your price!

Once a recommendation is accepted, the new price is automatically sent to the Hotels channel distribution thanks to the Availpro Smart Channel Manager and the Booking Engine connectivity.

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