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Availpro cookies

Cookies are simple text files that store certain information about your visit in order to facilitate your browsing experience. These files, which are intended for use by Availpro, can record data relevant to your experience such as your login information and the record of the pages that interest you most. They can also be used to offer you personalised content later, by e-mail for example.

Types of cookies

  • Basic operation

These cookies are necessary to enable you to use the services of Availpro as you wish.

  • Audience measurement

This allows tracking of audience analysis data and the collection of anonymous statistical data to further improve our services and to measure the interest in our editorial content.

  • Social networks

These cookies are generated by the “share” buttons of social networks. So they are used and managed by third parties.


Use of cookies

Availpro uses cookies in accordance with applicable law.


Manage your cookies

Most web browsers allow you to manage your cookies. So you can certainly consider deleting cookies in order to have more control over what you are shown.

Internet Explorer  Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s browser allows you to manage your cookies at your leisure.


Firefox  Mozilla Firefox

This other widely used browser offers the same opportunity  to manage your cookies  as its competitors.


Chrome  Google Chrome

Google also offers a cookie permissions management option..


Safari  Safari

The Safari web browser also includes cookie customisation.

Browsers also allow so-called private browsing. Using this mode, cookies will be temporarily stored and deleted once the window is closed.