Our Expert Point Of View On RateScreener

At Availpro, it’s our job to give you the right tools to run an efficient and effective business. Our technology is always being developed to help you maximise your occupancy rate and total revenue – while at the same time giving you more time to look after guests.

Partly due to the rise in millennial bookers, but also because of the new ways the online travel agencies (OTAs) are operating, it’s key today to analyse the pricing data of your hotel – and the prices of your competitors. Luckily for you, one of our tools called RateScreener continues to be one of the most powerful, and unique, platforms of its kind in the hotel sector – and we also have more plans up our sleeves to make it even better… Let us tell you more about it!

Why is RateScreener so important?

The millennial factor
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, millennials are a key demographic to target, with their propensity to travel and desire to seek out new experiences. According to hospitalitynet.org and research from Triptease, 85% of millennials are checking multiple sites before booking their travel to get the best deal possible. If they see that your pricing is transparent across multiple channels (which is where RateScreener comes into play) and you’re able to offer the best direct rate, then you’ll be rewarded with a loyal booking and hopefully many more to come.

The instant factor
It’s crucial to be reactive. All revenue managers must stay alert to how their prices are being portrayed across different OTAs channels to ensure they are not being undercut, or priced too high. Transparency is essential, and this is particularly true for the growing millennial market, but it could also affect any online advertising campaigns you are running. Because RateScreener lets you to track your competitors’ pricing behavior, this can act as an early warning of a potential spike in demand.

The context factor
Finally, it is key to monitor which distribution channels are working well for your property, and in what seasons, or months. All these factors will help you adjust your pricing to maximise your occupancy rate and total revenue.

The OTA factor
It’s important for hotels to partner with OTAs in the most efficient and transparent way. OTAs are increasingly changing the prices of hotel rooms, and sometimes these hotels simply are not aware. The prices may drop due to a promotion, and the larger OTAs can do this sort of thing because they know that every hotel needs to work with them. So it’s important for hoteliers to be aware – if you’re alerted and have not given permission, then you simply cut off the availability.

What is RateScreener?

Put simply, it’s a tool that keeps you alert to what’s happening. It’s a popular product from the Availpro family, with more than 1,500 hotel customers choosing RateScreener to give them the edge.

It was developed five years ago, and analyses the pricing data of you hotel – and the prices of your competitors – that is publically available across other OTA websites, such as Booking.com and Expedia. In fact, we think Availpro is unique in the marketplace because we are able to look at prices across 150 different brand websites. Of course, you select the ones you want to monitor.

The price results across the OTAs are brought to you twice per day – in the morning and at midday. However, our platform also allows you to check prices manually at any time you want – another unique feature from Availpro that makes us stand out against our competitors. In our view, hoteliers need that single snapshot for a clearer picture; they don’t need to be confused by time differences.

What’s new?
In our next release, you’ll discover a range of new features that will help you stay alert, where you can set even more parameters that are relevant to your business. For example, you might want to know if your hotel is being advertised on Expedia at a rate that’s five euros, or 10%, lower than your own official rate. Or check if your competitors have increased their prices compared to the prices released the day before. The new features will allow all of the above!

And Availpro’s RateScreener engine is open – users have a lot of flexibility in how they work with it in terms of matching room types. For example, you decide if the rates that you want to screen include breakfast or not, or are full board, or half board.

Another new feature will also let you receive email alerts based on the parameters you set, and you can also see how your hotel is ranked in the marketplace against selected competitors.

Feel free to read more about RateScreener on our infographics


Frédéric Cerdan – R&D Director – Availpro

Frédéric Cerdan is currently Availpro’s R&D Director, dedicated to leading our exciting innovation programmes. His work includes working actively with customers, designers and high-level engineers.
Frédéric brings more than 15 years’ experience in research and development across the hospitality, consulting and software publishing sectors.


How long have you been using RateScreener?
“We’ve been using RateScreener since January 2017.”

What are the main benefits of RateScreener?
“It’s easy to set up and offers you a clear and east-to-access picture of the prices of your competition, and the position of your hotel on the market.
It also offers a clear picture of tariff parity for the hotel, and you can see the competition’s price parity strategy too.
Meanwhile, I can view prices of varying lengths of stays across different categories of rooms.”

If you were to recommend RateScreener to another hotel, what would you say about it?
“A simple, ergonomic tool that offers fast access to all the essential information.”

Website: www.terresdefrance.com

Pierre BournaisFondateur Terre de France. Pierre created with his brother Charles the group Terres de France in 2009. The group operates aparthotels and residences in nature in France. Pierre is managing all the commercial development of the group and its residences.

How long have you been using RateScreener?
“I have been using RateScreener on a daily basis for 1.5 years now, as part of my yield management duties for the Altica Group.”

What are the main benefits of RateScreener?
“I am very satisfied with this tool, which allows me to adjust my rates’ recommendations to competitors’ prices at a glance. Its ergonomics and simplicity of use are, in my eyes, the key points of the tool.”

If you were to recommend RateScreener to another hotel, what would you say about it?
“Finally, I recommend RateScreener to all hotels that are willing to handle their pricing policy in an efficient and thoughtful way.”

Website: www.altica.fr

Anne-Charlotte MenaWeb Manager Altica Group. Anne-Charlotte is in charge of developing and implementing digital strategy for Altica Group (10 hotels in France). She is also managing yield management in collaboration with hotel managers.