Let’s make it personal

It’s time to personalise your direct channel!


Hotelchamp’s CEO Kristian Valk writes that the focus of hotels should be at their direct booking channel, which is in need of some optimisation.

Globally, hotels are searching for solutions to improve direct sales along with optimising website experience and triggering guests with the right messages. As a hotelier you work with many  different channels, but the healthiest and most profitable one in the whole distribution range is of course the direct hotel website where no or little commission is involved.

Grow your most important channel

Your direct channel is of great importance and optimising it will bring much more than only the increase of your direct revenue:

  • First, you will get control over your guests’ full customer journey and engage with your guests on a personal level. On average, an online customer journey exists of visiting 22 different websites before a guest finally decides to make a booking. Therefore the customer journey needs to be personalised in order for visitors to remain on your website and make a direct booking.
  • Secondly, when you sell more bookings through your direct channel, the commission costs of online travel agencies will be reduced. This in order will lead to the third outcome, which is getting full ownership of your future guests. By optimising the direct channel and increasing the conversion rate, you will be less dependent on online travel agencies and will be able regain control of your direct revenue.
  • At last, you will build a closer relationship with your customer. By having a closer contact with customers it is possible to engage them. 

Let’s make it personal

On your direct channel, you have the opportunity to really stand out as a hotel and differentiate yourself from competitors and resellers. If your hotel website is able to catch the visitor’s attention based upon their specific needs and requirements, this is where the magic happens.

A lot of data gathering is involved in the booking process. Among others: booking dates, number of guests and room preferences. All these aspects can be used to optimize the customer journey. Based on our research and experience, we realised hotels do not analyze or use this data to instantly provide future guests relevant triggers based on their preferences.

This is a missed opportunity! Hotels can create and identify different audiences or individuals and offer personalised and relevant services. This will make the website visit much more relevant for the hotel guests and will drive them more towards making a booking.


Smart features for the right audience

At Hotelchamp we believe that hotels should optimise their static websites and use dynamic personalised features for their visitors in real-time. This entails identifying the visitor’s characteristics and preferences and immediately optimise the Hotel’s website to those features.

By adding the Hotelchamp technology to your website, we can provide each guest a unique customer journey. This includes personalised content but also special deals and offers that specifically fit the guest’s preferences.

The winning partnership between Availpro booking engine and Hotelchamp technology has positively impacted my direct bookings with an increase of 30%. This successful combination helps independent hoteliers to boost their direct bookings next to online travel agencies.

Jean-Louis DucretGeneral Manager Boutique Hôtel Cézanne


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Antoine Buhl Kristian Valk – Co-founder – Hotelchamp

Kristian Valk combines 14 years of experience in highly competitive markets where he founded more than 50 webshops. Since selling his successful e-commerce business at the end of 2014, he joined fellow co-founder Kasper Middelkoop to establish Hotelchamp. Within 6 months, Kristian and his team of 35+ employees have already helped hundreds of hotels from over 20 countries boosting their direct bookings. Kristian’s ambition is to help hotels worldwide gain more direct bookings and restore a fair balance between their direct channels and third parties.