Hotel Tech Lab, Pt.3

Speaker Insight: Frank Reeves, AVVIO

Why there are only four types of customer visiting your website

After the success of the first edition in Prague in April, Availpro took the Hotel Tech Lab to the UK in May 

The second edition staged at The Hoxton, Holborn, in London on May 16 explored the theme of “Fresh Trends in Hospitality”. The event attracted another full house of hoteliers, all eager to draw on the insights of six expert speakers – including Frank Reeves, chief executive and co-founder of hotel booking engine provider Avvio


At the Hotel Tech Lab, Frank Reeves, chief executive and co-founder of hotel booking engine provider Avvio, focused on personalisation and localisation and why every consumer matters. Avvio guarantees new clients at least 25% more bookings in the first 12 months and the key to achieving this uplift is giving each consumer a more tailored, relevant booking experience.

“Consumers no longer expect to get the same static website, the same sales and booking conversation as everyone else,” he added. “Where is the personal relationship? When you go on Airbnb or TripAdvisor you will see something slightly different to what I will.”

Effective personalisation requires an understanding of consumers’ differing mindsets. Reeves cited research by Columbia University and Aimia, which divided consumers into four broad groups:


Cautious Controllers (highly defensive and not happy to share information);

Can’t Be Bothereds (not defensive, but equally unlikely to share);

Savvy Mediators (defensive, but happy to share information);

Sign Me Ups (open and willing to share).


With this in mind, Reeves posed the question: “Do we have to ask everyone for the same data when they book?”

He identified a problem that the mere idea of  big data puts small hotel groups and independent hotels off. “We all have booking and sales data – dive into the ‘small’ data that we have, and use tools like personalisation to get powerful results from it.”

A report by the Globalisation & Localisation Association revealed that 56% of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price. Reeves recommended geo-targeting as a good starting point to look at your market segmentation and work out how to meet the needs of your customers. Reeves reported, for example, how one of Avvio’s clients, a big family hotel in Scotland, found that visitors from one Nordic country came to them for hill-walking above any other activity, and tailored their website for that market accordingly.

“Find out how you can have a conversation that is more relevant,” he said, highlighting that now as an advertiser on YouTube, as well as ads targeted based on previous videos watched, you can also match to historic Google searches.

Like Julien Touraine, Availpro’s director of sales and business development , who also spoke at the Hotel Tech Lab, Reeves emphasised the importance of adjusting the conversation through different stages of the booking process: “One of our clients has seen a 17% increase in upsells, just from having a different conversation.”

“Develop clear goals and KPIs,” he concluded. “Come up with a few simple campaigns and look at the conversion rates of those campaigns. Test, analyse and review. A series of small changes will deliver higher conversion overall.”


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