Follow the customer journey

  • Céline Chaussegros - Sojern

Céline Chaussegros of Sojern, travel’s direct demand engine, speaking at July’s Hotel Digital Lab in London, declared that if you ‘base your marketing strategy on averages, you will miss your target customer’. The challenge is to engage with the right customer at the right time in their travel planning journey. The traveller’s path to purchase is getting increasingly complex, as they jump between websites, devices and environments—and no two travellers search or book in the same manner.

To market to modern travellers, Ms. Chaussegros advised travel brands to consider how best to engage with them at different phases of their travel planning journey. For instance, video can be a powerful way to appeal to potential customers during the ‘dream-and-discover’ phase of travel. Video is a highly engaging format, and can draw your audience in with vivid imagery of your destination. For those further in the purchase funnel, a display banner with a strong Call to Action (CTA) will create a sense of urgency, as well as direct travellers to the hotel website to book directly. Regardless of your tactic, it’s important to use real-time data to ensure you are reaching travellers in the most effective way.

‘The traditional approach to advertising is no longer valid,’ concluded Ms. Chaussegros, ‘Today, by using real-time intent data, industry-leading data science and multi-channel strategies, you can target the right traveller at the right time, on the right device, with the right message.’

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