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13th November 2012

Availpro has signed its 110th two-way (upward and downward) connectivity agreement with a distributor website, this time with Just one week after this connectivity was launched, over 50 hotels have already been connected. So far in 2012, Availpro’s Smart Channel Manager has managed sales of over €438 million for its customer hotels.

Availpro boosts its connectivity offer with Hostelworld, the leading low-cost accommodation website

Although Availpro’s Channel Manager already covers 95% of the online hotel market, the developer continues to add new distributor sites to its offer to cover a broader spectrum of customer bases on behalf of its hotel users. The majority of users come from the single independent youth market & couples, who book stays of an average of three nights in major cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam. The site is available in 24 languages, working with 32,000 properties in 200 countries and offers multi currency billing. operates an excellent distribution program and has successful relationships with over 3,500 distribution partners, including many of the world’s leading brands such as Routard, Lonely Planet, Easyjet, and Tripadvisor. The site has over 12 million visitors and potential customers each month. Hostelworld works with a database of over 3.5 million guest reviews and 9 million active customers.

Paul Halpenny, Head of Supply at, warmly welcomes this new connection: “We are delighted to be partnering with Availpro in France and in turn getting the opportunity to work with their many customers in Paris and throughout Europe. As Paris consistently appears in our top three destinations in the world and we deliver 60% of our business into Europe, we have no doubt that we can provide additional bookings to those properties that choose to work with us“.

Availpro’s Smart Channel Manager has managed sales of over €438 million so far in 2012

In 2012, the volume of sales managed via Availpro’s Smart Channel Manager has risen sharply, reaching a total of €438 million. On 15 October 2012, Availpro’s Smart Channel Manager achieved record single-day sales, with more than €3.5 million in bookings placed with its hotel customers. Despite the sharp rise in data volumes handled by Availpro’s Smart Channel Manager, the solution remains as reliable as ever.

Julien Touraine, Connectivity Manager at Availpro, discusses what the future holds for Availpro: “Over the next few years, the challenge will be to provide our customers with targeted channels that meet the full range of different needs of end customers, with the aim of attracting particular types of customer. The connectivity agreements that we currently have in place cover the vast majority of online demand. Our main focus is now to look for well-established channels in high-potential niche markets such as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). We are currently in discussion with a number of distributor sites (such as Elong in China) and are looking to add new price comparison websites to our service. This will require extensive research and contract development work, but is an essential step towards our goal of becoming the most exhaustive and reliable supplier in the market.

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