Availpro unveils Rate Optimization solution NextRate

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Published 24/11/2014

Availpro ends the year on a high by launching NextRate, a unique solution that exceeds Hoteliers’ expectations. The main goal of NextRate is to allow all categories of hotel to optimize their prices on a daily basis, to maximize their revenue and increase their occupancy. Like all Availpro solutions, it offers a powerful and intuitive user experience.

Revolutionary in its field, NextRate is a powerful solution that allows hospitality professionals to position their offering at the best price possible in their market.

In collaboration with Revenue Management Specialists and European hoteliers, Availpro has developed NextRate to meet the increased acceleration of price changes that can not be predicted by conventional tools which are mainly based on historical trends.

Availpro is keeping pace with its philosophy of simplicity and performance, and has designed in NextRate, a solution that enables a rapid start up and instantly assists decision-making.

With NextRate, Hotel Directors and Revenue Managers get rate recommendations for the next 90 days ahead delivered on a daily basis. Using key indicators to help calculate the best price, the solution gives detailed information on the hotels activity, it’s positioning in the market and scalability (market movements) to detect sensitive dates or upcoming events (Trade shows, Concerts etc.). NextRate also analyzes the hotel’s competition, price fluctuations and online reputation.

« Availpro has developed NextRate to help independent hotels and chains optimize their prices in order to increase their revenue. » said Philippe Lamarche, President of Availpro. Once again, Availpro innovates by offering a complete solution, validated by key beta-test customers, thus confirming Availpro as the leader in ‘Rate Optimization’.

An intelligent all in one solution to help optimize prices

The Hotelier still remains in charge of their pricing and they are the only one who can accept, reject or adjust the price recommendations delivered by NextRate. It is the Hoteliers final decision to act or not on the price recommendation suggested.

NextRate tracks the user’s activity and decisions in NextRate and learns from them to adjust the price recommendation strategy accordingly.

Once a recommendation is accepted, the new price is automatically sent to the Hotels channel distribution thanks to the Availpro Smart Channel Manager and the booking engine connectivity.

With NextRate, Hotel Managers benefit from a complete and innovative solution to assist their decision-making process on prices and to maximize their revenue

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