Availpro and Paragon Systems make daily management easier for hotels

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2th May 2012

“Availpro, the leading European on-line booking and channel management solution, is pleased to announce its strategic connection with the Hotsoft PMS, distributed by Paragon Systems. Hotels in the UK and Ireland are the first to adopt the future of online distribution by integrating their Hotsoft PMS to their online distributors via Availpro’s Smart Channel Manager and website booking engine

Availpro–Hotsoft connectivity – an invaluable time-saver for hotel owners

This new connectivity enables data to be transferred in both directions without manual input. Hotsoft sends the hotel’s availability to the distribution sites using Availpro and when bookings are made on the distributor sites, they are sent back to the Hotsoft PMS via Availpro with no manual intervention. Availability is updated in real time and sent back to the distributor sites and own website. This makes it a continuous cycle, turning over 24/7, without the hotels having to do anything about it. The customer forms are created automatically as a result of this echanism.

Availpro’s chairman of the board of directors, Philippe Lamarche, comments on this development: “Integrated e-distribution across the hotel sales chain is now a reality. Hotel owners have everything to gain from it: the time they save means more money, optimized room sales and no overbooking. We are delighted to be working with one of the UK and Ireland’s leading suppliers of hotel management software solutions.”

Anselm Molloy, Paragon Systems’ CEO, adds: “Our mission is to help hotel owners in their day-to-day business. On-line bookings are a strategic challenge in today’s world. The interfacing of our Hotsoft PMS with Availpro’s platform makes it easy for our customers to manage Internet bookings. It also saves them time in planning management, increases their sales and gives their hotel better visibility on the web.”

Sandra Greiner, Group Yield Manager for the Griffin Hotel Group in Dublin confirms: “Thanks to the Availpro/Hotsoft integration, our reservations and front office team is saving precious hours every week and are able to offer better service to our customers and generating return business….

About Paragon Systems:
Paragon was founded in 1994 with the aim of providing business control solutions to the hospitality market, and since then, has developed a wealth of software and hardware products, which has resulted in steady growth to the benefit of its clients. Paragon Systems are sole distributors of Hotsoft Hotel in Ireland and the UK. Paragon has a significant number of clients spread throughout Ireland, both North and South now having over 25% of the Irish Hotel market. Since 2007 Paragon Systems have expanded into the British hospitality market and has achieved significant early success. For more info: www.paragonsystems.ie

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