Availpro and EasyRMS come together to boost hotel revenue

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02nd February 2012

On 9th September 2011 Availpro took its first steps in the Revenue Management and rate optimisation market, releasing its rate monitoring tool, Availpro RateScreener. Availpro has now joined forces with EasyRMS, one of the leading players in the hotel Revenue Management market, to offer new, instant key rate distribution capabilities across all distribution channels.

Revenue Management made simple by Availpro and EasyRMS

This partnership bridges the gap between rate recommendation tools such as EzRMSTM and key information distribution and implementation tools such as Availpro. With this new connectivity development, hotel owners are able to apply rate recommendations made through EzRMSTM instantly, online, via all distribution channels. Price recommendations made through EzRMSTM are normally monitored and managed by the Revenue Manager or hotel director. He or she is now able to accept and confirm recommendations with a single click, instantly transferring them to their Availpro Smart Channel Manager planning.

Berengere Brohan, Revenue Management Consultant at EasyRMS, explains the results of this initial integration between the two applications: “EzRMSTM has successfully completed testing for the upload interface with Availpro and both systems can now be linked. This interface will allow hotels to work directly from EzRMSTM and have all systems (PMS and Availpro) updated at the same time. This could really save time for users and also assure parity.”

With the combined power of EasyRMS and Availpro’s rate recommendation distribution capabilities, this new connectivity is an essential time-saver for all Revenue Managers.

Deeper integration between Availpro and everyday hotel management tools 

With its RateScreener product, Availpro looked to provide entry-level access to competitive intelligence and rate monitoring to hotel owners who did not already have this type of tool. This new partnership with EasyRMS is designed for hotels that already have a Revenue Management programme and dedicated tools. With this latest strategic move, Availpro is now better able to serve its high-end users who already use professional tools such as EzRMSTM.

Antoine Buhl, Technical Director at Availpro, explains the company’s unique approach, which has been its cornerstone since it was founded in 2001: “Availpro is always looking to provide deeper integration between its products and the various third-party applications that its customers use. This is particularly important in the 4 and 5 star sector, where Availpro has seen strong growth in recent years. We are proud of this new integration with EzRMSTM, which is just one example of our strategy.” Hotel owners will now be able to save time by connecting to both interfaces at once and using the full range of Availpro’s advanced functions, such as automatic rate calculation based on a reference rate.

With this new partnership and integration secured, the developer is looking to boost its business in the 4 and 5 star sector and win new hotel chain customers.

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