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  • Online Payments – What are the risks?

    Right now we are at the beginning of an important transformation phase in online payments, and at Availpro our goal is to help hotels foresee new trends and get ready benefit from them. That’s why we are releasing a series of blog posts about the future of payment in the hotel industry. For the last […]

  • Touch, the ‘mobile-first’ booking engine

      “We’re happy to announce our new mobile booking engine, called Touch, built from scratch and designed for a new generation of guests. It’s free to all users of our existing Smart Booking Engine. Before I outline some of its key features, it’s important to state why we have just produced this new tool for […]

  • Little Yielder

    Manage your planning in autopilot and never miss an opportunity, 24×24. By creating your own automatic planning management rules, Availpro planning will work for hoteliers and open/close rooms, open/close channels or increase/decrease prices according to their own scenarios ! To drive revenue, hotels can have, under pre-defined circumstances (the remaining rooms available or the number […]

  • RateScreener

    Availpro unveils the shrewdest edition of RateScreener at WTM and EquipHotel Prices hyper-volatility: the new reality of the hotel market Hoteliers are now compel to adapt to those relentless fluctuations. Benchmarking the competitors’ prices manually is exhausting but however most important not to find the hotel too expensive or too cheap. RateScreener goes hand in […]

  • NextRate

    Availpro launches at WTM and EquipHotel the newest version of NextRate, the sharpest RM tool around Revenue management is a personal matter for hoteliers Hotels are facing an increasing complexity and volatility of the pricing plus important occupancy discrepancies. The challenge mainly consists for each day in deciding upon the optimal price for both occupancy […]

  • Mixed Rates

    Availpro unveils the MIXED RATES, a brand new booking technology available on the Smart Booking Engine! Availpro is the first IBE to offer this functionality to hoteliers. Mixed Rates is the next generation feature that takes Availpro ahead of the competition in terms of innovation. Using Availpro Smart Booking Engine, you will no longer give […]