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Hotel Digital Lab – London: How to increase profit in a digital and data-driven world

Charlie Osmond, founder and Chief Tease of Triptease, delivered a characteristically energetic presentation, throwing pairs of Triptease socks to anyone who put their hand up to ask a good question along the way. Triptease provides hotels with a Direct Booking Platform that engages guests and boosts website conversion rates.

Osmond’s key message for hoteliers was to bring hospitality online. He recalled his ‘magical’ first experience of the famous Beverly Hills Hotel where the receptionist came out from behind his desk to greet him on arrival, and argued this is an ‘innate’ advantage hotels have over OTAs. ‘To win the battle for more direct bookings, hotels need to bring that personal hospitality not just from behind the reception desk into the lobby, but all the way into the web experience – because now, a potential guest’s first experience of you is online.’

Managing price parity is key. Like Passerini, Osmond recommended a price comparison widget to prove your rate is best and maintain trust in your brand.

Then, as you should in the hotel’s lobby, you should offer as personalised a service as possible online – for instance, with a trained or automated chat agent to answer guest FAQs and remove any potential barriers to booking.

He also advised looking at guest data to drive a testable hypothesis, but warned that ‘poor data is worse than no data’ and highlighted the dangers of A/B testing without sufficient traffic (a hotel would need at least 5,500 website conversions, which might take two years for an average site to collect, to make A/B testing worthwhile).

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