Booking At First Sight

In the past few months at Availpro, we have seen several emerging trends, as well as new companies starting to appear, that help hoteliers recapture their guests. I thought I would share some of them with you below, hoping they will help you with your distribution.

You only have 15 seconds to convince visitors

Visitors spend an average of 15 seconds on a website. This is all you have to convince them not only this is the right hotel to stay but also that this website is the right place to book.

  • Use webservices

To address the above issue, visitors need to have access to prices and availabilities before hitting the book button. They should already be convinced when they proceed to the booking itself.

  • Use price comparison widgets

These will let you convince your visitors at first sight. Why would they go shopping elsewhere if you do the shopping for them?

How to keep visitors on your website and actually book

  • Onsite Engagement

“Leaving so soon!!!” Exit widgets are improving conversion rates as it allows you to deliver professional messages and capture the visitor before they go.

  • Mixed Rates:

You offer several rate plans, but they are not open everyday? Make sure your booking engine can cross-sell for longer stays, to offer your client a real “best available rate” experience.

Earn loyalty during the stay

You have probably already put in place a loyalty scheme with client codes, to reward visitors for booking directly with you. However, as loyalty programmes tend to be standardized across brands, make sure you use online programmesas a tool only. Loyalty will be earned at the hotel during the stay, so use emotions and personal experiences to differentiate.

Example: Hi Mr Smith, we noticed you bought this paper last time, so we have already bought it this time and put it in your room.

Be unique

Why is your hotel so unique? Make sure this uniqueness can be easily identified, and that you use tools to show this off.

Example: You are staying at the only hotel with a rooftop overlooking Big Ben? Make sure you throw a great cocktail party and send us pics!!!

These are simple steps and very easy to implement. However, they can make a real difference and transform your website into a booking machine.


For more info, check out our infographics ‘TOP10 reasons to use a booking engine’


Julien Touraine – Global Director of Sales – Availpro

Online Executive with over 15 years of experience in software & travel Industry, Julien has been working in multicultural environments with experiences abroad and within international companies. His areas of expertise include launching a new brand on a new market (Rates To Go), developing sales and businesses (Availpro, Orbitz and, developing strategic partnerships and streamlining process operations (Availpro).