Availpro is certified Innovative Supplier by Agoda®

A Conversation With Errol Cooke, Vice-President Global Partner Services at Agoda®


A few words on the company’s vision and mission?

At Agoda, we believe that travel opens minds to new ideas, cultures and ways of thinking. That is why we strive to make travel affordable, accessible and easily available to customers around the world. In every department – from IT to customer experience – Agoda provides an environment rich with creativity, collaboration, and experimentation, and the tools to work faster and smarter.

What are the benefits of the certification between Availpro and Agoda?

We have designed the Agoda Innovative Supplier Program to offer the most innovative and seamless experience to our accommodation partners. This programme encourages further cooperation, innovation and technological development to improve the flow of information with Agoda’s property extranet, drive more bookings and increase exposure in the fastest growing markets in the world. The partnership between Availpro and Agoda creates a geographical synergy, thanks to Availpro’s deep market knowledge in Europe and Agoda’s in Asia Pacific.

Can you give us some tips to achieve such a strong partnership?

We are thrilled to count Availpro among our very few Innovative Supplier Partners to bring our cooperation to a significantly higher level. This could be achieved through demonstrated knowledge and expertise in offering our partners’ continuous technical improvements and superior customer support. Personalised best-in-class service always makes the difference.

How can we measure the best technological service with high performance to ensure it?

Availpro, as one of the most innovative and customer-focused hotel technology companies in Europe, is instrumental to Agoda’s overall success in the region. Availpro’s Smart Channel Manager provides a powerful and simple-to-use distribution solution which provides high flexibility and market leading performance. It enables every decision-maker to finely optimize Agoda channel and make the most of its global reach.