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“100% safe and reliable system in managing and distributing pricing, Availpro makes life easier and saves time. The extranet is really  user friendly with many functions in a single platform.
Availpro helped us to increase process efficiency in our central booking department and in individual hotels”

Viliam Sivek jr.CEOSivek Hotels


    • How long have you been working with Availpro?
      We have been working with Availpro for approximately 3 years.
    • Why did you decide to choose them?
      We spent more than 1 year on choosing the right system for Sivek Hotels. For us, it was not just a change of one system, but a complete re-make of softwares and processes in our hotel chain. After several dozens of challenging presentations on channel manager systems, booking engines, PMS connectivities and even our own experience with development of these matters, we chose AvailPro as it offers the perfect user friendly environment with many functions in one platform. Moreover, during testing period we found out that the success of administration (distribution) of rates to other channels is practically 100%. It was a good choice for us as this is also combined with simple and easy management of all bookings even from a cell phone or tablet outside of the office, and the possibility to connect to a huge number of OTAs.
    • Which products do you use from the software suite?
      2-way connectivity Channel manager, Data cruncher, PMS connectivity, Booking Engine and multi booking engine for PC and mobile versions.
    • What was the issue you were experiencing before choosing Availpro?
      We had many expectations so I will summarize just the most important ones. We wanted a reliable system we could depend on, which would also be timeless and would constantly evolve to keep up with the pace of today’s fast and always changing customers‘ behavior. We also wanted a system that would be safe for our data and would optimize and increase process efficiency both in our central booking department as well as in individual hotels. We didn’t, however, want to sell only rooms efficiently, but also various upgrades and additional services, which not every system knew how to do. At the same time, it was very important for us to know the behaviour of our customers and thus to obtain important marketing data.
    • What was the biggest impact on your business after selecting Availpro as your partner?
      You should ask our revenue manager but I know that it was the flexible management of bookings anytime and anywhere. Today, we can change the price of our services in matter of few clicks wherever we sell. Interesting is also the marketing data that we could have only dreamt of in the past.
    • What are the main benefits of Availpro?
      I think you help us with practically everything that happens around online bookings. Connectivity to many PMS systems with perfect data transfer back and forth works without any problems. Availpro certainly has its well-founded place in the overall distribution of systems in our company.
    • Is there anything that makes Availpro seem unique?
      100% reliability in managing and distributing pricing on several dozens of channels like OTAs, intuitive and user friendly back office. So far, we have not seen a better one yet.
    • Are there any tools or enhancements you would like to see made?
      Yes, it is a constantly improving booking engine and multi-booking engine. Also, we are missing regular information about provided updates or system upgrades. We always find out but not with such precision as we would expect.
    • If you were to recommend Availpro to another hotel, what would you say about them?
      If a hotel wants to use a professional platform that makes life easier, saves time, is 100% safe and will increase room sales, there is nothing to think about. I know we chose well. I only regret spending so many hours and hours of my whole team on orientation on what today’s market offers. If we had known what we know now sooner, we would not have hesitated for this long.


Viliam-Sivek Viliam Sivek jr. – Executive Director, Sivek Hotels

Viliam is general manager and owner of Sivek Hotels, family hotel and gastronomic company with a long tradition in tourism. He has previously been named Hotelier of the Year in the category of hotel chains, Entrepreneur of the Year, Personality of Tourism in the Czech Republic and was the finalist in the prestigious Manager of the Year competition of personalities in the field of management and economics.


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