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“Innovative tool, cloud based system that offers simplicity and efficiency. Great advantage with the PMS connection. I have always been able to adapt Availpro to my needs”

Béla SchifflerOperations ManagerOpera Garden Hotel & Apartments


    • How long have you been working at the hotel?
      I started my career at Opera Garden Hotel more than seven years ago. Before I worked for three-star hotels in the countryside, as well as in Budapest. I started as a front desk agent, then I moved forward to a front office manager position. Currently I’m the operations manager where I’ve been for about three years. We also manage small boutique properties and an apartment in Budapest where we also use Availpro.
    • Tell us about your hotel
      Opera Garden was among the first boutique hotels in Budapest. From the outset we represented quality hospitality, and focused on guest satisfaction. All my staff work with passion; we always strive to be make each and every stay a memorable one. We always find a way to add a little extra to a stay.
    • How long have you been working with Availpro? Why did you decide to choose them?
      We have been working with Availpro for more than three years now. We have always been open to trying the latest technologies. Previously we used other channel manager, but then I read about Availpro. We had a meeting, and we found the tool to be innovative. Because of Availpro’s focus on continuous innovation, we decided to sign a contract with them. They offer forward-looking solutions such as a cloud based system, simplicity and efficiency.
    • What were the problems you were experiencing before choosing Availpro?
      The channel manager we used to have was slower and more complicated to use. We weren’t able to connect our existing booking engine and PMS, and the tool was not cloud-based.
    • What was the biggest impact on your business after selecting Availpro as your partner?
      The speed of the product, as well as its simplicity. All of the online travel agents we work with are connected to the channel manager. It’s really easy to set up the prices, and even for different periods. I also take advantage of Availpro’s Data Cruncher.
    • What are the main benefits of Availpro?
      I think you help us with practically everything that happens around online bookings. Connectivity to many PMS systems with perfect data transfer back and forth works without any problems. AvailPro certainly has its well-founded place in the overall distribution of systems in our company.
    • Is there anything that makes Availpro seem unique?
      I think the complexity of Availpro makes it unique. The PMS connection is also a great advantage. Our revenue strategy is somewhat complex, but since I have been using Availpro I have always been able to adapt the system to my needs.


Béla-Schiffler Béla Schiffler – Operations Manager, Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments

Béla holds a Bachelor of Science in Tourism. He started his career as receptionist and joined the Opera Garden Hotel in 2010. He is managing distribution for the hotel.


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