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“Local Hungarian support makes Availpro unique. We chose Availpro because of the quality of the user experience. We take advantage of a connection with a local PMS and also of the API connection provided by Availpro that allowed to integrate the booking system into our own website and gain new customers.”

Ágoston TörökDirector of SalesMellow Mood Hotels


    • How long have you been working at the hotel?
      I’ve been with the group since 2008. I have held various pre-opening and general manager roles, before becoming sales director in 2014, when the owners asked me to organize the department.
    • Tell us about your hotel
      We have 12 properties, comprising three or four-star hotels, plus a five-star hotel and a youth hostel.The hotels have central locations; they’re all in the city centre, or next to the main sites. We have three next to the rail station, for example. Our portfolio is unique in that we have all of these different categories. The five-star hotel has its own revenue managers, while I manage five people to look after the other 11.
    • How long have you been working with Availpro? Why did you decide to choose them?
      We began working with Availpro in 2015. The first choice was price. Our previous platform had a different business model, where we charged with paying commission for each booking. It was very expensive. With Availpro the business model is different, as we pay a monthly fee. Second, we chose Availpro because of the quality of the user experience, whether it’s the de-duping engine or channel manager, we like it. The packages are fully integrated, in particular Sentinel. And there is Hungarian support – the team is easy to reach, and this is very important to us.
    • What were the problems you were experiencing before choosing Availpro?
      Before we needed an API connection, and Availpro was the only firm to help us integrate into our system.
    • What was the biggest impact on your business after selecting Availpro as your partner?
      We could finish our website development! Also we were able to track guests all over the booking engine. We used to lose the website visitors when they used our previous booking engine – it’s important to keep them from a marketing point of view. Now guests like using the booking engine.
    • Is there anything that makes Availpro seem unique?
      I think Availpro is unique because there is local Hungarian support. We use a local PMS (60-70% of the hotels in Hungary use this PMS), and Availpro knew how to connect to it.
    • Are there any features you would like to see added?
      For me, the social media connectivity is missing. For example, I’d like to connect to Facebook reviews. Also the design. In the IT world, design is old fashioned after two years, from a user experience point of view.
    • What is your social media profile/use?
      I read LinkedIn groups.Also I attend the trade shows, such as Arabian Travel Market, World Travel Market, ITB – I’m always visiting the technology area. I have meetings here all the time.


Torok_Agoston Ágoston Török – Director of Sales, Mellow Mood Hotels

Ágoston joined Mellow Mood Hotels in 2008. He is director of sales for the group since 2014. He held previous positions in hotels especially in pre-opening, sales and reservations and general manager roles.


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