Availpro extends its footprint in Europe and enters the Nordic Countries

Availpro is pursuing its expansion by appointing Anna Israelsson, born and raised in Sweden, as the new Sales Manager for Nordics.

Anna is responsible for growing Availpro’s business in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Her key focus is to help hotels in those regions increase their online distribution and to grow their revenue. As an example, CenterHotels in Reykjavik already trust Availpro for their dedicated Account Management and Client Service who help them make the most of their hotel booking engine and channel manager.

Anna Israelsson describes herself as hotelier with a true passion for technology. After kicking off her career at Availpro as an Account Manager, Anna then evolved within the hospitality industry as a Hotel Manager in a brand new property in Paris, where she realized the impact of technology on hotel performance and success:

Opening a new hotel was a great challenge and made me realize how important procedures and technical tools are, even though we tend to take them for granted. Every minute we save thanks to technology is another minute that we can spend on customers, and that is added value to me.
I would not use Sales Manager to describe myself, I would rather say partner.

Anna IsraelssonSales Partner, NordicsAvailpro

Throughout her years of experience, she has dealt with many challenges within the industry and learnt how to guide hotels in their digital transformation. Now back at Availpro, Anna brings her strong expertise and deep understanding of the Nordic market. This new appointed position reflects on how the company focuses on genuine proximity and dedication to its customer base.

Anna will be available for meetings in Stockholm, Sweden, on March 27th and 28th, as well as in Aarhus, Denmark, on March 29th.

Contact her anytime via email: anna.israelsson@availpro.com  or by phone: +46 8 446 861 98.


About Availpro

Founded in 2001, Availpro is a leading technology provider to the global hospitality industry. Its mission aims at contributing to the hoteliers’ growth by increasing their online distribution, whether through direct room selling on their own website or other digital channels.

Availpro stands at the center of the hospitality ecosystem. More than 6500 properties in 89 countries benefit from a range of innovative products helping them increasing their occupancy and revenue. In parallel, Availpro has established strategic connections with more than 300 partners worldwide.

With 16 offices in Europe, Availpro differentiates with onsite local teams and a dedicated customer service. The global expansion is supported with a multilingual dashboard and a booking engine available in more than 25 languages.

In 2016, Availpro contributed to the global travel growth by generating more than €3.5 billion in hotel room booking revenue.

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